Blog Post: We All Want To Belong

I am not someone that can work all alone for very long. Blessed moments of solace can do wonders for your productivity, but we work better when we belong to a team.

There are always extremes to every positive virtue we possess. An old boss wanted everyone to all sit in a room, looking an collaborating as we worked. Problem was the team grew to over 20 and the room was only meant for 10. Was a long six months on that release, especially on the non-shower days for some.

Despite the personal hygiene of your teammates, it is important to belong. How do we do this? Engage with each other.

The days of successful projects being completed without true collaboration are over. Well, they were never there in the first place.

Take it upon yourself to be involved in your team’s work. Ask someone what they are working on, pair up or volunteer to research for them. You will see the dividends sooner than you realize.


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