Blog Post: Pick Up the Twelephone?

There is quite a lot of discussion about WebRTC and the role it could potentially play in mobile development going on right now. You can read the thoughts on TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and many others. People may look at you funny when you tell your friends about the VoIP startup, but don’t let the name fool you. 

Chris Matthieu and his open API are going to be appearing on quite a few websites in the coming year.

Twelephone uses your Twitter handle and feed to place video and voice calls. It has an easy extension that is currently available in only Chrome, but Firefox will be coming shortly. Safari isn’t saying whether they are going to support WebRTC any time soon, but if it takes off like I think it will they will follow.

Matthieu has shown to be open to anyone curious about the platform, and willing to talk to you in person about it. And why shouldn’t he? He came up with an great idea, one that he hopes will make it’s way into the enterprise sector.

He’s no dummy, while the consumer space is ablaze with mobile development right now, companies that want to truly make an impact will do so with their fellow businesses. Can you imagine the impact of having an easily accessible, easily to develop around API?

This is the first feature that could affect my view of Apple product decisions. Is it a sure-fire hit? Far from it. We all know for the world to really know the value around WebRTC, iOS needs to embrace it much the same way Android and Windows have. 

Curious to try the service at work? Look me up (@chrismurman) and dial away. Can’t wait to play with this service more.


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