Anyone out there married knows the meaning of this word. For the last six-plus years, my wife has been a blessing and source of growth in my life. Regardless of the struggles we face on a daily basis, I know that we made a commitment to each other and I will keep it.

The flip side to what I wrote yesterday about trying new things can be to ALWAYS be up for new things but never willing to stick it out to see good results. In the Agile community, I see discussion on a daily basis regarding when to abandon things and start fresh. Usually, the wisdom I see prevailing is to set a good time frame and follow it to completion. It is important to finish.

Unhappy with your workout plan? Give yourself several weeks on your new system before moving on. Needing a change at work? Set a month or three aside with a target. If you did your part to meet that target and the company doesn’t, speak with a few others (including your boss) regarding these issues in a kind manner.

Regardless the scenario, endurance to finish what you started is super important to your growth as a person. It can result in you sticking with your resolution longer, but that is thinking small. It can mean the difference between your 2013 being a series of “good attempts” or “great successes”.

Happy new year!


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