How Do You Lead Without Power?

For the many flavors and leadership caucuses in the Agile community, it’s a wonder we all manage to get anything to a consensus these days. New scrum masters and product owners are being minted every day — in countries all over the world — often without much in the way of mentorship, and that has […]

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Be a good peer

January is a dreaded time for managers in the realm of reviews. Regardless of the system your company uses to perform internal audits on it’s staff, they still have to be done. Ever wanted to have a big team under your expert tutelage? Not during this time of year you don’t. During my review with the […]

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Measuring fun at work

We all learned about the definition of work in different ways. I grew up on construction sites with my dad, and in many ways it was as stereotypical as you can imagine. You show with a breakfast burrito in hand, make a wise crack at someone else’s expense, and make sure the project progressed at […]

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