Blog Post: Race For Better Data

Control over data, regardless of the type, is where power truly lies today. Even though it is my body, I don’t really have control over my medical files. The content I create on social media is not something I have power over (unless I jump through a million hoops). 

So what does that mean for data ownership? It lies in the collectors.

This article from All Things D references the kind of data we are collecting today in the digital age and how gathering more isn’t the answer. It argues why and how better data could procured. Problem is, it uses antiquated thought processes behind the hangups.

We haven’t owned our data in years. Some types aren’t thought of the same as others, but it doesn’t change the ownership. We are fine with credit card companies owning and selling our purchase data (get your head out of the sand), but we don’t want Apple and Google telling advertisers where we are currently.

I am going to be inundated with advertising messages until the day I die. Maybe I am different than most, but I’m fine with it. Some products out there are awesome, and I would like to know about them. If data that my devices record are going to help deliver more of what I’m looking for currently so I can make better purchasing decisions, bring it on.

The company that finds the best way to craft that message and gets us all to drop the faux upheaval over privacy and ownership of data will print their own stacks of cash. This company will easily collect, aggregate and transmit the information I need advertisers to use. They will know where I am, what I am interested in buying, and tell me how to do so.

I can’t wait.

Blog Post: Race For Better Data

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